Between Lake Garda and Dolomiti of Brenta mountains, we select and hand pick the grapes. Our wines are fermented and matured with care, each variety has its own time, and our work in the wine cellar is, above all, to maintain intact the features that bind them inextricably to the land and are our territory’s expression.

With our ground and natural method, we have been producing wines since 1742, according to family tradition.

This work began precisely in Trentino, but since 2003 we are working in Tuscany too, in the territory of Cortona, in Val di Chiana, on the borderline with Umbria and the magnificent natural oasis of Lake Trasimeno. With the same passion, care and patience, we face every day working in the vineyard.
The ground is alive, and basic element to life itself, in order to an ongoing research, we strive so that our disposing of it keeps this balance intact.