Our history


In the present time the winery “Le Fontanelle” is a reality located in the little hills of Castle Tenno that rises between Lake Garda and Lake Tenno, immersed in a panorama of ledges with vineyards and olive trees, not a long way off Dolomiti of Brenta peaks, UNESCO’s heritage.

Our winery’s memory goes back to two centuries ago. Effectively, already 9 generations have come in succession and lived and worked in these areas since 1742, under Napoleonic domination, followed by the Austrian one, from the union to Italy in 1918 until nowadays.

Direct evidence of all this is the “Gold Medal, 5° contest for the prizegiving to the devotion to work and economic progress” given to Pasini Giulio in November 1966 by the commission of the Chamber of Commerce of Trento. This recognition rewards the work done by Pasini family since 1742 in the same plot of land, that is from the foundation’s year of “Benefit Amistadi don Bernardino”, as tenant farmers, colonists/settlers.
The suburb of Cologna, borderland during the first World War, location for the winery and where Pasini family was living since two centuries, was destroyed. The rebuilding of the town and the surrounding farmland took place thanks to everybody’s solidarity and efforts.
The real foundation of the wine cellar took place in 1960 thanks to the will of the patriarch Pasini Giulio and his two sons. Precisely Cesarino, last-born child, was given the task to proceed this project together with his wife and their 4 sons that, grown up with the passion for this plot of land and its products, are continuing the family’s precepts with the desire to enhance everyday.